12 Rashi Name 12 राशि नाम और अक्षर

Rashi has an important place in Hindu religion, because it is only with their help that astrology tells your future through astrologers. we have given below 12 Rashi Name (राशियों के नाम) in hindi and English.

Although some people consider it a superstition, those who believe in it know all kinds of desirable things in their life, and solve their problems on the basis of the information received from it.

It is not that the prediction on the basis of zodiac signs has been written in any book, but it is known on the basis of calculations. The positions of all the planets are seen, on the basis of these positions the prediction is revealed.

Astrologer has been given a suitable place in Hinduism, it claims that nothing in life happens by chance, whatever happens, it happens due to a specific reason.

All 12 Rashi Name | 12 राशि नाम

  • मेष (Aries)
  • वृषभ (Taurus)
  • मिथुन (Gemini)
  • कर्क (Cancer)
  • सिंह (Leo)
  • कन्या (Virgo)
  • तुला (Libra)
  • वृश्चिक (Scorpio)
  • धनु (Sagittarius)
  • मकर (Capricorn)
  • कुम्भ (Aquarius)
  • मीन (Pisces)

Significance And Effect Of Zodiac Signs In Our Life

Some people love to see their zodiac signs every day. Rashi’s predictions are told daily in various TV channels and newspapers. Which everyone who believes in the astrologer sees.

And on the basis of these facts, he moulds his life, and whatever problems he is facing in life, he is also able to solve them.

Although this prediction is not true every time, on the basis of these we are able to improve our life and solve any kind of problem very quickly.

The information of the zodiac is written on your horoscope. It is not that it is known without any calculation, but it is calculated on the basis of time, place of birth.

12 राशियों के नाम तथा उससे सम्बंधित अक्षर

मेष / Meshचू, चे, चो, ला, ली, लू, ले, लो, आ
वृषभ / Vrishabhaई, ऊ, ए, ओ, वा, वी, वू, वे, वो
मिथुन / Mithunका, की, कू, घ, ङ, छ, के, को, ह
कर्क / Karkही, हू, हे, हो, डा, डी, डू, डे, डो
सिंह / Singhमा, मी, मू, मे, मो, टा, टी, टू, टे
कन्या / Kanyaढो, पा, पी, पू, ष, ण, ठ, पे, पो
तुला / Tulaरा, री, रू, रे, रो, ता, ती, तू, ते
वृश्चिक / Vrishchikतो, ना, नी, नू, ने, नो, या, यी, यू
धनु / Dhanuये, यो, भा, भी, भू, धा, फा, ढा, भे
मकर / Makarभो, जा, जी, खी, खू, खे, खो, गा, गी
कुंभ / Kumbhगू, गे, गो, सा, सी, सू, से, सो, दा
मीन / Meenदी, दू, थ, झ, ञ, दे, दो, चा, ची

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