27 Years UPSC Disha PDF Free Download And Prelims Topic-Wise Solved Papers 1 & 2 (1995 – 2021) 12th Edition

PublisherDisha Publication
Edition12th Edition
AuthorMrunal Patel
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Pages644 pages
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Hello readers, today I am going to share with you another UPSC IAS / IPS 27 Years UPSC Disha PDF Book Free Download If you are preparing for UPSC Prelims exam then you must read this book. This book is written by Mrunal Patel and published by Disha Publication. This book is one of the best selling UPSC books online. This book is published online every year, this is the twelfth edition of this book.

Why this book is the first choice of students preparing for UPSC and IPS ? It has a simple logic, in which the previous year prelims question papers have been solved topic wise well. the question papers of 27 years have been solved with explanation, this book of mrunal sir is beneficial for all the aspirants who want to start their UPSC Journey.

The explanations provided are errorless and well explained matching with the answer key provided by UPSC. there is no others book in market that provide both prelims and mains topic wise papers at such economic price this is a ready reference book every serious aspirants must keep at his desk for both prelims and mains.

27 Years UPSC Disha PDF By Mrunal Patel For Prelims Topic-Wise Solved Papers Paper 1 & 2

Now included topic wise essay paper of last 27 years and topic wise mains GS paper since the syllabus change of 2013 and all these in such need printing in two colours at a very low cost.

This is also included in this book.

  • Analytical approach to crack UPSC
  • Analysis of CSAT 2013 to 2021 paper 1 and 2
  • 100% authentic and detailed solution
  • 4620 + questions divided into 52 topics
  • cut off for last 7 years prelims and mains
  • how to attempt IAS mains question
  • How to write essay for mains
  • Topic Wise Mains Paper (2013-2020)

Book has covered previous year solved question paper of History of India 1. Ancient History 2. Medieval History 3. Modern History 4. Indian National Movement Geography 1. Physical Geography 2. World Political Geography 3. Geography of India 4. Agriculture Indian Polity and Governance 1. Constitution 2. Political System 3. Panchayati Raj & Public Policy 4. Judiciary & Right Issues Economic Social Development 1. Structure of the Indian Economy 2. Planning and Economic Development 3. Agriculture in the National Economy 4. Indian Industries 5. The Tertiary Sector in the Indian Economy General Science 1. Physics 2. Chemistry 3. Biology 4. Ecology, Biodiversity & Climate Change Mental Ability & Management Ability 1. Mental Ability, Analytical & Logical Reasoning 2. Arithmetic 3. Geometry & Mensuration 4. Permutation, Combination & Probability 5. Time and Distance 6. Data Interpretation 7. General Comprehension 8. English Language (Comprehension) 9. Interpersonal Skills, Communication & Decision Making General Knowledge 1. World Panorama Etc.

27 Years UPSC Disha PDF
27 Years UPSC Disha PDF

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Review: This book is immensely helpful for those who are preparing or starting to prepare for UPSC examination! It explains the syllabus , strategy , sources so simply and effectively. This version also includes a video strategy course by Mrunal sir which is again very helpful. The print of the book is clear and readable with ease and all answers are explained well

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