100 Animals And Their Young Ones Sound, Homes

Hi, friends did you know how animals sound, what animals sound, what theirs young ones (babies name) so i have given below the complete information.

Animals are classified into ecological groups based on how they obtain and consume organic material, including herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, noxious, and parasitic. In carnivorous or omnivorous species, a predator is a consumer-resource interaction where a predator eats another organism.

Countless animal species are present all over the world, all have different types of qualities, and they all have different habitats.

For example, Elephants live in the woods, Deer live in Grasslands, Horses live in Stables, Cow live in Cattle sheds. Thus you see, each animal has a different habitat type.

It is not that the lion’s child is also known by this name, but there are different names for their young one.

For example, the child of Cat is known as Kitten. Sheep’s young one is known as Lamb. Monkey’s child is known as infant.

Apart from this, whatever type of sound they make, they are also of different types.

For example Lion Roar, Bull Moo, Cat Mew, Bear Growl, Bird Chirp and Rabbit make Grunt sound.

30 Animals Sound, Homes and Their Young Ones

ANIMALYoung Ones (Babies Name)SoundHome
DogPup, Puppybark, howl, growl, bayKennel
CatKittenmew, meow, purr, hiss, trill, caterwaul, growlcattery
DeerFawnsbellow (buck), bleat (doe, fawn)grasslands
Ratpupssqueaknest, hole
Manboy, girl
SankeSnakelet, neonate
ZebrafoalWhinnyjungle, safari, veldts
BeeWorker beeHum, BuzzBeehive
Spidersmall spiderweb
BullCalfmoo, low, bawl (calf), bellow (bull)cattle shed
Monkeyinfantchatter, gibber, whoop, screechtree
FrogFrogletcroak, ribbitfroggery, ranarium
Wolfpupbark, woof, whineden
FoxpupsBark, scream, howl, snore, ‘gekkering”.den
Owlowlethootbarn, nest
Crowchickcawforests, grasslands
Whalecalvesclicks, whistles, and pulsed calls
Pigpigletoinkpig sty
FishLarvalpops, clicks, whistlesaquarium
Armadillopupscreeching and scratching
Crocodilehatchlinggrunt, growl, and hisslakes or rivers

Animals and Their Babies Chart

Source: www.urduesl.com

List of Animals

  1. Walrus
  2. Hamster
  3. Turkey
  4. Swan
  5. Penguin
  6. Bear
  7. Owl
  8. Buffalo
  9. Goldfish
  10. Vulture
  11. Snake
  12. Gorilla
  13. Elephant
  14. Seal
  15. Wolf
  16. Yak
  17. Deer
  18. Bee
  19. Rooster
  20. Crow
  21. Hyena
  22. Squirrel
  23. Panda
  24. Prawns
  25. Blue whale
  26. Crab
  27. Cat
  28. Duck
  29. Cricket
  30. Chicken
  31. Octopus
  32. Peacock
  33. Donkey
  34. Fox
  35. Monkey
  36. Catfish
  37. Sealion
  38. Ostrich
  39. Jaguar
  40. Parrot
  41. Sea horse
  42. Rabbit
  43. Ladybug
  44. Horse
  45. Kingfisher
  46. Butterfly
  47. Pig
  48. Woodpecker
  49. Sheep
  50. Turtle
  51. Lizard
  52. Centipede
  53. Goat
  54. Kangaroo
  55. Mouse
  56. Ant
  57. Cow
  58. Lion
  59. Zebra
  60. Crocodile
  61. Piranha
  62. Scorpion
  63. Shark
  64. Hippopotamus
  65. Dolphin
  66. Beetle
  67. Fish
  68. Cockroach
  69. Grasshopper
  70. Mosquito
  71. Rhinoceros
  72. Hummingbird
  73. Eagle
  74. Crane
  75. Tick
  76. Chameleon
  77. Sparrow
  78. Honeybee
  79. Giraffe
  80. Pigeon
  81. Bat
  82. Tiger
  83. Spider
  84. Giant panda
  85. Caterpillar
  86. Camel
  87. Dog
  88. Wolverine

Animals and Their Young Ones Worksheet for Class 2

Q.1 The young one of Pig is?

  1. calves
  2. pups
  3. piglet
  4. none of above

Q.2 The young one of Cow is?

  1. chick
  2. calf
  3. pups
  4. hatchling

Q.3 The young one of Cat is?

  1. Kit / Kitten
  2. pups
  3. duckling
  4. none of above

Q.4 The young one of Goat is?

  1. calves
  2. calf
  3. Cub
  4. kid

Q.5 The young one of Tiger is?

  1. calves
  2. cub
  3. piglet
  4. none of above

Q.6 The young one of Frog is?

  1. calves
  2. pups
  3. Worker bee
  4. Froglet

Q.7 The young one of Sheep is?

  1. lamb
  2. pups
  3. Worker bee
  4. Froglet

Q.8 The young one of Gorilla is?

  1. infants
  2. pups
  3. owlet
  4. Froglet

Q.9 The young one of Elephant is?

  1. infants
  2. calf
  3. owlet
  4. Froglet

Q.10 The young one of Spider is?

  1. infants
  2. small spider
  3. owlet
  4. Froglet


Q.1 – pigletQ.2 – calfQ.3 – Kit / KittenQ.4 – kidQ.5 – cub
Q.6 – FrogletQ.7 – lambQ.8 – infantsQ.9 – calfQ.10 -small spider
What is the young ones of horse?

horse babies is called foal. Male foals are called colts and female foals are called fillies.

what is a male baby horse called?


What is Elephant baby called?


young ones of kangaroo?


What is a dog house called?


elephant sound is called?


What is one of the most loved animals?


How many animals are in the world names?

8.7 Millions

What is Elephant bat called?


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