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Hello today I am going to share with you Becoming Bulletproof pdf Book which is written by Evy Poumpouras, by reading which you can transform yourself into a stronger and more confident and more powerful person.

This book (Becoming bullet-proof protect yourself, read peoples, influence situations and leave fearlessly) is written by Evi Poumpouras, former Secret Service agent to 3 Presidents and one of the 5 women to have received the Medal of Gallantry. She has told through the book here that what we fear in our everyday life How can we overcome how we can have difficult conversations.

We are the best, most courageous and most powerful versions of ourselves when we make ourselves a blood group, Pomporus shows us that ultimately the real power comes from our mind and not our body.

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Introduction: Harder to Stop

The will to survive is a fundamental one for everyone. But in the event of life and death, our mind needs the most for calm and careful planning and logical thinking. Research has shown that most of us would give in to our shit. I know fear. Because I have been well trained for times of fear.

Through this book, I will share with you the experience of my own fear. From attending the world’s most intensive training academy to interrogating terrorists and criminals to defending the world’s highest standards, fear has manifested itself in many forms and in many ways.

I have become very intimately acquainted with them as well as the fear of death, the danger, the fear of public perception, the fear of failure and the fear of achieving my dreams.

How We Fear

Don’t Panic!

As soon as the cold water came in, I gasped for my breath before completely drowning. Because I still remember the whole cockpit overturned, the sensation of my legs sinking, I had a fight in my seat before my body hit the water’s edge. I was ready to panic, my body litup with adrenaline. And only then everything calmed down.

Courage is knowing what not to fear.

– Plato

In this book it has been said about never feeling afraid. Because it’s about understanding the fear and learning to control it. I want to help you overcome your fears so that you don’t panic when you need to be able to think clearly. Because fear can have a limited effect in our lives and it can hinder us from pursuing our goals, who we want, from speaking openly and honestly, from being who we really want to be.

Surviving Fear

We are born with mostly two types of fears that work hard to survive in our system. Scientists call this type of fear innate: fear of falling and fear of loud noises. You must have felt at some point of time in a dream when we are falling, then we suddenly wake up. This fear of falling is with us right from birth.

Research has shown that babies refuse to make calls on a platform made of clear Plexiglas even if their mother is calling them on the other end. Her instinct to fall is so strong that a mother can break even that powerful bond between her child.

Harnessing Fear

Our hopes are focused on what we want to be in our lives. This is what you imagine as I hope to become a doctor. I hope to become President of the United States. I hope to become a security service agent. On the contrary, our fear is focused on what we want to avoid. Like I am afraid of being homeless, I am afraid to be like my parents, I am afraid of being weak.

But sometimes the decisions we make or don’t make for the pace of our lives lead us to live a more conservative version of the life we dreamed of when we were growing up.

Difficulties are things that show a person what they are.


Mental Armor

There are many good and bad people in our world, no doubt there are many people and events in the world that will harm you and result in pain. So you have to stay away from all these things but you should not be surprised by this and more importantly you should not let anyone’s cruelty or carelessness take away your game.

Kill Fear While It’s Small

Everything is the first thing in our life, our first day of school, our first love, our first car. It is like the seeds first planted in our mind, thoughts and eorts that we start planting in the hope that they will grow and give us positive results. But there are some things which we do not want in our life. Like failure heartache or loss of strength in our life.

We often start to fear a lot of things in our life because we have given them time to become uncontrollable. We knew it was him. But still instead of facing them, we ignored them.

To him who is in fear, everything rustles.

Mental Resilience

We need to take as many measures as possible to protect ourselves from dangers but still those dangers will always be able to sneak into our defence. It doesn’t matter how effective your plan is, no matter how many readings we have wrapped around us, we ourselves are not 100% Becoming Bulletproof. Because there will always be that unexpected person or unimaginable situation that we will catch with our guard. That’s where our mental flexibility comes in handy.

Bulletproof Your Life

It is designed to give you some concrete actionable steps to make your life safer in a better way. Whether you’re in your own home, online, offline and in public, you’ll have the strategies you need to keep your own possessions, information and safety safe. Before taking such steps, you will get peace of mind and will help you on the path of becoming bullet proof yourself.

We are twice armed if we fight with faith.


Exterior lighting: A well lit house is considered safe. You have to make sure that the exterior of your house has good lighting, especially the front and side doors. Because darkness provides as much convenience as any intruder, which makes it easier for them to break through the locks on the windows and doors of your house. The light prevents break-ins as it can be seen by intruders, your neighbors and the public. Motion sensor lights can be a great way to bullet proof your home.

Landscape: Well placed shrubs and trees can be a strategic way to prevent the outside world from entering. But keeping in mind that potential intruders are trying to break into your home, the best way can be to design your landscaping especially near doors and windows. Keep such areas open and visible. If you already have trees and shrubs in the entrance of your house, try to keep them well prepared, because the less unruly they can take up less hiding place.

Keep windows and doors locked: The frequency of braking increases in the summer months due to which people leave their doors and windows open. But you need to pay attention to the fact that whether you are going to bed for day or night, do not forget to close your windows and doors. Because intruders can enter your house at any time. Even during the colder months, especially the holidays, it’s best not to risk running electrical cords through your windows as a way of getting electricity to your outdoor holiday decor.

Close your curtains: Make sure you keep in mind that who can see inside your house. If your windows are clear then you are advertising to the world what you have to take. Because no thief wants to waste their time to break into houses because you have something valuable to steal in a house. So don’t let anyone help them decide. When you’re not at home, you close your curtains if it’s easy to see inside.

Bullet proof your doors

We talked about the importance of making sure you don’t get knocked down easily by the windows, doors and curtains of your home. The more difficult it is to make them, the more secure you feel whenever tactical police teams enter a home. When they entered, they would usually break the front door by turning a large heavy piece of steel with a handle, or they would hit it with a sledgehammer. On some occasion if they are trying to break in a door and if it is well strong, even the best law tool cannot pass it.

Bullet proof is becoming present. Awareness is far more important to your personal safety than learning how to handle yourself in hours. This is your family aware so you likely won’t need the ght. On the other hand if you want to learn fancy self defense tricks and techniques and strategies then you will have no problem if things go wrong you will be blinded which means you will not have a chance to thwart the threat or get protection .

Bulletproof your wallet

You should not be the kind of person in your life who keeps his whole life in his wallet. Because when you keep credit cards, debit cards, IDs, insurance cards in your wallet – by reducing the amount of items you carry – you will make your life easier if your wallet gets stolen. Consider carrying no more than two credit cards – one primary and one backup. And make sure to try this thing that do not keep more cash with you than necessary. You should leave most of the cash at home if you do not plan to issue more purchases on that day. You take it where you are comfortable losing or stealing it.

You should be mindful of what you post and when. You have to tell your friends that can prepare you for all future problems. Many people close the curtains of their homes at night so that no one can see the pictures posted inside their house. Nowadays, using the Internet, we can find out what a person does where he lives. Try not to advertise the make and model of your car and never show your license plate in pictures.

Never share your actual date of birth on social media. Because it is the identity of the individual, and many financial institutions will try to use it to verify your identity. I know a lot of people like it because with its help our friends send us happy birthday messages but we also need to be sensitive towards identity theft. Because we don’t know who is our real friend. Because there is a fear of hacking accounts on social media, be careful about what you reveal.

You must refrain from posting about your children, where your child goes to school or where they play in the local place because child predators can use this information to track your children as they want to use this information. They know you – “I’m your mom’s coworker, Todd. We work together at the bank. He told me to come pick you up and take you to football practice today.”

About the Author: Evy Poumpouras

Evy Poumpouras is a former Special Agent for the United States Air Service and an on-air national TV contributor. Which frequently appears on NBC, MSNBC, CNN and HLN. She also frequently works on Bravo’s Spy Games, an espionage-inspired competition series. She is also a recipient of the United States Secret Service Award for her heroism on 9/11 and has been a recipient of former Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, William Clinton. And has also been a part of protective distribution for George HW Bush. He is also an assistant professor for New York City and University.

Hope you guys liked Becoming BulletProof PDF because this book gives you authority over your life, it has taught you a lot how to conduct yourself without harming life, how to live your life . Here is an absolutely great book for the free and adventurous that you must read.

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