Consumer Awareness Project Class 10: Rights of Consumer Social Science

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As per the guidelines of the CBSE Board, As you all know, CBSE is given to prepare a handwritten project for class X students, the topic of which is given to you by the school, and later assignment is submitted to the school at the time of oral examination.

What is Consumer Awareness?

Before knowing consumer awareness, you should know that who is a consumer, a consumer is a person who uses various goods and services or uses them to fulfil his needs.

Here you need to know that if a retailer buys any goods from a wholesaler for the purpose of resale, then it will not be called a consumer.

Now-a-days it is necessary for every customer to know their rights because if a shopkeeper gives you a bad item or charges a higher price for any item or cheats you in any other way then what should you do in this situation ?

Need and Importance

Because often we see around us that a consumer is not able to get the right goods and services. In this, a higher price is charged by giving less quality goods. Therefore, to avoid this deception, it is very important for you to know consumer rights, which is very important to make consumers aware.

  • The income of every person is limited so that he can get maximum satisfaction . He wants to buy more and more goods and services from his income. Therefore, whenever he has bought that item, he should get it in proper form and there should not be any kind of fraud in it. So he needs to be aware.
  • Right to Information: In the year 2005, the Government of India has made a law known as Right to Information. Right to Information Act provides the right to get information about all the activities of government departments. It also provides education to the consumers to get the right consumers.
  • Consumers are exploited by manufacturers and sellers by charging a product more than the market price, by making duplicate goods and underweight. In this, big advertising companies get their goods purchased by misleading the consumers, so it is necessary to have consumer awareness to avoid this exploitation.

Types of Consumer Exploitation

Nowadays we see that there are many types of services available due to more business activity in the market. But a customer finds it very difficult to choose the right item among all these items.

Although we know that consumers being cheated is not a new things, today’s market has become so wide that if we do not have proper information then we can be cheated in many ways.

Overcharging – Selling of goods by shopkeepers to the customers at a higher price than the retail price is a very common method of consumer exploitation.

Decrease in Weighing – This is a very common method of robbing the customers in which the shopkeeper takes less than the actual weight of the goods.

Selling of goods after expiry date – Even after the last date of the goods, many sellers give goods with expiry date to the customers due to which any person can easily get sick.

Adulteration of goods – Many sellers want to earn more profit by adulterating food items like spices, rice, sugar, wheat which is playing with the health of the peoples.

Not providing service after delivery: It is seen that when a customer buys electronic items like home appliances such as TV, fridge, washing machine and later when the customers face problems then the seller is not able to provide good service.

Unnecessarily harassing the consumer: Especially when you get a new telephone line or get a gas connection, the sellers harass you by placing unnecessary conditions on you.

Learning to become a well-informed Consume

Consumer Responsibilities

If you also want to become an expert consumer, then it is very important for you to discharge your responsibilities. Because every single consumer should make every effort to educate himself about his rights.

Quality Standard Marks

The Government of India has introduced a certain quality standard mark on all the products so that the customers can easily check for good quality products . Because a quality mark gives the consumer a visual and easily identifiable quality assessment tool originating from a reliable source.

Hallmark: It is an ongoing certification scheme to judge the purity of gold and silver jewellery which was implemented in April 2000 for gold and 2005 for silver.

ISI Mark: The ISI mark is used to mark the proof of most industrial products, it has been applied since 1955 and is mandatory for all industrial production. If a customer buys an electric or industrial item, he should ensure that the product has an ISI mark.

SI Mark

FPO Mark: The use of the FPO mark is a mandatory certification mark on all processed fruits and products sold in India such as pickles, rut jaye, packaged food extracts, and complies with the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006.

FPO Mark

AGMARK: It is a certification scheme issued by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection of the Government of India for agricultural products . Which ensures that it conforms to the one grade standard notified by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection, Department of Agricultural Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture, Agriculture and Farmers Welfare under agricultural produce. It has been in force since 1937 and was amended in 1986.


FSSAI: The full form of FSSAI is Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. Under the Food Safety Standards Act, 2006, FSSAI has to ensure that there is no adulteration in food items. The task of controlling adulteration in food items is that of FSSAI.


The main function of FSSAI is to make guidelines related to food items and to ensure that the rules made by it are being followed or not. Along with this, FSSAI also investigates the issues related to food items of various departments attached to the central government and state government, besides it also monitors the production and distribution standards of food items on a large scale under the control of various ministries of the government of India.

Consumer Awareness Project

  • Every year on Consumer Awareness, students of class X are given projects to prepare.
  • Which is mandatory for every student studying in class 10th, you have to make a handwritten project on this subject and submit it to the school.
  • As you all know that this is a topic of social science which is also very important, its main purpose is to make the students aware of consumer awareness and to spread awareness among the people.


  1. To make this assignment file you must have A4 size file
  2. To write your project, you have to use a blue or black ball pen only.
  3. On your front / cover page, write your name, class, subject, roll number, and the given topic which should reflect your topic.


I am using this opportunity to express my gratitude to my teacher___________ as well as our Principal______________ who gave me this golden opportunity to do such a good project on the topic, “Unaware Consumers and Consumer Rights”. I am thankful to everyone who supported me for the completion of this project and gave me their aspiring guidance, friendly advice and invaluable feedback during the project. I am sincerely grateful to all of my friends, co-partners, family and guide who shared their truthful and illuminating views on a number of issues related to the project by devoting their precious time.

Thank you…..

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What is Consumer Awareness Project CLASS 10?

The function of consumer awareness is to make the buyer or consumer aware of the products and goods services and the rights of the consumer. Consumer awareness is given so that the buyer can choose the right goods and make decisions.

What is the full form of FSSAI?

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

What is Jago Grahak Jago movement?

Jago Grahak Jago is a consumer awareness program launched in India in 2005 by the Department of Food under the government of India.

What are the types of consumer rights?

Right to Safety, Right to Representation, Right to Consumer Education, Right to Redress, Right to Choose, Right to Information.

What is RTI (Right to Information)?

This right states that sellers and producers should always provide consumers with enough and appropriate information regarding the price, weight, company brand, manufacturing & expiry dates, quality identification marks, ingredients, contact links of the company and so on, to make intelligent and informed product choices. Here is an example from the services sector.

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