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Lal Path Lab was established in 1949 by Dr. S.K. And it is one of the largest laboratories in India accredited by NABL, CAP and ISO, and also the first lab in India to be accredited by NBL. In the Lal Path lab, you will get to see a series of different types of tests, the main ones are blood & urine tests.

The rate list of Dr Lal Path Lab is different for each city i.e. their rates may vary from city to city, so it can be difficult to tell you the eaxct value of each test, that’s why the rates given below are different from your city.

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Latest Rate of Dr. Lal Path lab Test
Cost of lab Test

Dr. Lal Path Lab Complete Rate List (2022 Updated)

Test NameCost
Lipid ProfileRs. 950
Diabetic ProfileRs. 1,170
FT3Rs. 360
Complete Blood Count (CBC)Rs. 350
Liver FunctionRs. 780
Chikungunya Virus antibodyRs. 600
TSHRs. 370
FT4Rs. 360
Calcium/SerumRs. 160
Hba1cRs. 440
CortisolRs. 550
Thyroid ProfileRs. 930
Iron StudiesRs. 500
Kidpro (KFT)Rs. 780
FSH-LHRs. 950
Anti Hepatitis B Core Antigen (AHBC)Rs. 1100
Diabetic ProfileRs. 1,000
Luteinizing Hormone (LH)Rs. 530
Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)Rs. 530
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)Rs. 2350
Anti Hepatitis B Core Antigen TotalRs. 1100
LipaseRs. 630
PSA ProfileRs. 1450
T4 FreeRs. 730
Rheumatoid Factors (RF)Rs. 420
Serum ElectrolytesRs. 390
Malaria AntigenRs. 120
Vitamin D Total (25 OH)Rs. 1550
T3Rs. 360
Free PSARs. 850
HPLCRs. 950
HemogramRs. 420
Prolactin (PRL)/SerumRs. 520
AMHRs. 1,850
AMA, IFARs. 1700
FerritinRs. 690
Beta HCG TotalRs. 650
HBsAg QuantitativeRs. 1,390
E2 SerumRs. 590
Rubell IgMRs. 600
CA- 125Rs. 1200
CEARs. 670
HSV IgM/ SerumRs. 620
FolateRs. 1150
CRPRs. 380
TTG IgARs. 1,000
Rubella IgGRs. 580
ATPRs. 580
HBeAgRs. 90
CMVRs. 1,000
HSCRPRs. 750
FructosamineRs. 470
Progesterone, SerumRs. 550

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