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Ayurvedic Garbh Sanskar Marathi Book PDF Free Download

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you about Garbh Sanskar Book, this beautiful book Shri Balaji Tambe has told complete things about before conception and till the birth of the child.

पुस्तक का साइजNA
कुल पृष्ठ226 pages
लेख़कबालाजी ताम्बे

Practices of bal गर्भ संस्कार Book and its effect on the unborn child. it’s clear it effects most. Modern studies have proved that a fetus can respond to external stimuli. In fact, the hormonal secretions activated by the mother’s thoughts can also impact the baby in her womb.

These things are already told in the Marathi pregnancy Book. that’s why everyone advises you to read this.

It mentions all the things that can affect the fetus and how a happy and healthy environment can affect a new mother and her baby.

It also states that the attitude of a pregnant woman during pregnancy, and her inclination towards good music and good words can have a great impact on the unborn child.

What is told in this Ayurvedic Book?

  1. What are the things you should keep in mind during pregnancy and planning to have a baby?
  2. A specific daily practice has been prescribed for women in ancient scriptures.
  3. What type of diet should be, it is also told
  4. Instructions have also been given for regular care of the body.
  5. Reading literature, discussion topics and listening to music and chants
  6. A complete guide to nutrition, yoga, spiritual life and health before pregnancy and childhood.
  7. Traditional Indian rites and remedies have been told.
  8. There is an Ayurvedic way of balancing women.
  9. Ayurvedic concepts and medical formulas for pregnancy.

आयुर्वेदिक औषधे, योग आणि संगीत थेरपीचे प्रसिद्ध अभ्यासक, डॉ. बालाजी तांबे हे भारतातील अग्रगण्य आयुर्वेदिक उपचार केंद्रांपैकी एक असलेल्या आत्मसंतुलाना गावाचे संस्थापक आहेत.

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  1. I have already a same book but some pages are missing so need to have a pdf. My baby is now 6 month. Have some recipes for weight gain.


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