Grandma’s Bag of Stories By Sudha Murthy

Grandma’s Bag of Stories pdf book is the Collection of 20+ Illustrated short stories, traditional Indian folk tales for all ages for children of all ages by Sudha Murthy. It is highly recommended stories books for you.

Name of BookGrandma’s Bag of Stories
AuthorSudha Murthy
Book LangaugeEnglish
Total No of Pages157
Original PublisherPuffin Books

importance of stories

Since childhood, we are fond of reading or listening to stories, whenever we get time, we like to listen to stories from our parents, grandparents or any other member. These stories can be fictional or even real, because it is believed that children who listen to stories are good listeners.

By listening to the Stories, children start imagining things in their mind. They start creating the image of the characters of the story in their own mind. In this way, creative qualities start developing in children, due to which the ability to solve problems starts developing in children.

The stories of grandparents based mostly on mysterious characters have excited many of us. sudha murthy grandma’s bag of stories is very delightful.

“If you try to please everyone, you will please no one. It is impossible to lead your life for others’ happiness.”

― Sudha Murty

Sudha Murthy’s grand parents told her many stories in her childhood. Some stories Sudha heard from her friends. These folk tales are very famous and have been his favorite over the years, he has narrated these timeless folk tales to many youth in his life so that these stories will be liked by the youth as well as readers of all ages.

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Book Content

  • Dire On The Beard
  • Payasam For A Bear
  • The Horse Trap
  • The Princess’s New Clothes
  • Who Was The Happiest Of Them All?
  • The Enchanted Scorpions
  • When Yama Called
  • The Way You Look At It
  • The Island Of Statues
  • Roopa’s Great Escape
  • The Story Of Paan
  • How The Seasons Got Their Share
  • The Kingdom Of Fools
  • The Beginning Of The Stories
  • Kavery And The Thief
  • The Story of Silk
  • Five Spoons Of Salt
  • The Unending Story
  • Doctor, Doctor
  • The Donkey And The Stick
  • What’s In It For Me?
  • A Treasure For Ramu

Author’s Note

My grandmother, whose name was Krishna, she was popularly known as Kristak, she was very bright and affectionate. And at the same time she was also a great storyteller. She always taught us the importance of values of life through her stories. I still have their stories with me.

When I started writing the stories in this book I made a lot of changes but it is a true reflection of my childhood. When my granddaughter Krishna was born, she raised me to the rank of grandmother. Because I started realizing the importance of stories since childhood.

The Story of Paan

The story begins with Vishnu Kaka inviting the whole family for dinner. It was a grand banquet. We all had a full meal and enjoyed all kinds of dishes. When he brought his big box of paan, all the children gathered around him. All the kids were very excited as the kids loved watching Kaka mix and match the ingredients to make delicious paan.

He explained to the children that, ‘A paan contains betel nut, betel nut and lime. We should use each of the ingredients only so that the paan tastes good. So all the children were very eager to try this experiment. Some of them munch only on the leaf, some on the nut, and others on the nut and leaf, or leaf and lime only. But it was true, when all three were not put together, the paan had no taste. In fact, my friend Sharan vomited after putting more choice than necessary. Everyone lined up to see if their tongue was red or not.

Ajji was watching Sharan’s antics sitting with her mother. Then he called all of them and said, children, now you all will know that leaves, nuts or lime are very bad in their taste. But even if you put only two together, it will not be good. Paan can be eaten only when you mix all three in the right combination. Only then can that red color come from your mouth. ‘Why is it so, Aji? Is there any special meaning? ‘Yes there is a special meaning and let me tell you the story I first heard from my grandmother.’

The Donkey and the Stick

Ajji was on an outing with his daughter and daughter-in-law Sumati. One lived in Mumbai and the other in Bangalore. He was returning the very next day as he had made use of all the holidays given by his office, although the children used to stay with their grandmother in Shiggaon.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for the holidays. Because today ajji knew the parents of the kids would not be there to tell them what to do, so her grandparents were also very eager to stop by the kids for aji’s delicious food and to have fun with ajja.

When Aji was walking with two young women, they were on their way talking about how difficult it was for them to manage office work and kids. ajji was also listening silently. Then Sumati said ‘But they are very good with you’ Amma. How do you manage so well? Subhadra shook her head. ‘I have read many articles and books to know about it, but the method as given in the book does not work’.

Sumati and Subhadra forgot that they were in a temple, they shouted together What’s the story? Aji shook his head. ‘Now you are behaving like a child’. But after all you are my child. You join me in the night for today’s story. That night both the mothers came first to hear the story. The children were surprised to see their mother. And Aji started narrating his story.


What is the purpose of the story?

When we did not have television, mobile, entertainment was done through stories only. The purpose of stories is to preach or to entertain. Stories are used around the world to transmit beliefs, traditions and history to future generations. Stories fuel the imagination.

who is sudha murthy?

Sudha Murthy is an Indian author, businesswoman and president of the Infosys Foundation.

who is the author of the book grandma’s bag of stories?

Sudha Murthy

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