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Goods and Services Tax Rates (0, 5, 12, 18, 28%) List with Item Wise PDF Download

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After the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax by the Government of India, an indirect tax system has been started by removing the various taxes levied by the Central Government and the State Government. The Constitution was amended by the Government of India to implement this tax system.

GST is an indirect levy on goods that have to be paid for purchasing any goods or availing any services. It was implemented in India from 1 July 2017.

Under GST, minimum tax is imposed on essential goods and maximum tax is levied on less important items. Whereas zero tax is levied on raw materials such as vegetables and grains. GST Council has approved a total of 5 slabs of GST for different items.

5 slabs of GST (Goods & Services Tax)

  • 00% GST: On goods and services essential to life, such as cereals, salt, jaggery, fresh vegetables, etc.
  • 05% GST: On goods and services common to life, such as sugar, oil, spices, tea, coffee, fertilizers etc.
  • 12% GST: On goods and services used in everyday life, such as snacks, toothpaste, umbrellas, medicines, etc.
  • 18% GST: Items used by people leading a moderate lifestyle such as detergent, chocolate, mineral water, ice cream, shampoo, refrigerator etc.
  • 28% GST: On goods and services that fall in the luxury and harmful category, such as – pan masala, automobiles, accommodation in five star hotels, etc.

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