100 Medicinal Plants and Their Uses & Botanical Name

Hi, users! Are you searching for medicinal plant names and their uses in our daily life? If so, you’re in the right place. Today, we are going to share with you 100 medicinal plants and their uses, along with their botanical names.

Medicinal plants have been used to diagnose human diseases since ancient times. These plants are mostly wild but are sometimes also grown. The roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, and even the bark of plants are used for treatment.

Medicinal plants and herbs such as turmeric, ginger, basil leaves, mint, and cinnamon are commonly used in Indian cuisine, and they provide many health benefits. There is a long list of benefits from these plants, including relief from cold and flu, stress relief, better digestion, a stronger immune system, and many more. Let us now discuss seven such medicinal plants that you can grow in your home, which can help get rid of many diseases.

100 Medicinal Plants and Their Uses In Human Life

Medicinal plants Medicinal Uses
AmlaVitamin – C, cough , diabetes, cold, laxativ, hyper acidity
AshokaMenstrual Pain, uterine, disorder, Deiabetes
AswagandhaRestorative Tonic, stress, nerves disorder, aphrodiasiac
BrahmiNervous, Memory enhancer, mental disorder
ChiraitaSkin Desease, Burning, censation, fever
GudmarDiabetes, hydrocil, Asthama.
CalihariSkin Desease, Labour pain, Abortion
Sarpa GandhaHyper tension, insomnia
SatavariEnhance lactation, general weakness, fatigue, cough
TulsiCough, Cold, bronchitis, expectorand
GritkumariLaxative, wound healing, skin burns, ulcer, antidiabetic
Sada BaharLeaukamia, hypotensiv, antispasmodic, antidote
VringrajAnti-inflamatory, Digestive, hairtonic
NeemAnalgesic, epilepsy, hypertensive
HaldiAntiperiodic, tonic, diarrhea, fever dropsy jaundice, anthelmintic
PiyazDiuretic, expectorant, piles, jaundice
LasunSciatica, asthma, hysteria, anthelmintic
AdrakCough, asthma, piles dropsy, headache, toothache, pulmonary disease
PanAntiseptic, diarrhea, ophthalmia, expectorant

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