Mrunal (BATCH-PCB4) Economy Handout Notes 2022 PDF

Download Free Mrunal Sir Economy Handout Notes 2022 for UPSC Civil Services Examination For Free (BATCH-PCB4)

Many students who are preparing for UPSC exam often find Mrunal Patel sir economy notes in internet but very rarely from such a side where they get complete material.

So today I will share with you all latest economics handouts through this post which is very important for both UPSC Prelims Exam and Mains Exam.

It is often seen that many students who do not have good guidance and proper study material and if they prepare for a tough exam like UPSC, they are not able to crack this exam.

you all can also get these all handout on which is official website of sir.

How will these notes help you in your exam?

Perhaps you would know that Mrunal Patel is considered an expert in the subject of economy and many toppers also suggest Sir notes.

Because Sir explains every topic in a very simple and precise language. so that any student can easily understand these topics, as well as practice quizzes related to the topic after the topic is over.

According to the latest UPSC report, every year 233 candidates choose their optional subject economy in which only 16 candidates are recommended.

That is, the success rate of this subject in the Civil Services Mains exam is 6.9%.

Topics Covered

  • money barter to bitcoin
  • RBI monetary policy
  • bank classification
  • NPA Bad loan
  • Share Market
  • Insurance pension
  • Budget up to direct taxes
  • indirect taxes GST
  • black money subsidies
  • disinvestment Deficit FRBM
  • BOP Currency Exchange.

Importance of Economy in UPSC

Economics is an optional subject in GS Paper-3 which covers approximately 60-65% of the UPSC syllabus. And also in the upsc preliminary examination, questions of at least 30 marks are asked from this subject. so the syllabus of this subject is considered very important.

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