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Importance in English Grammar

Through this post you will get to know why Phrasal Verbs are very important in English Grammar. How do we use them colloquially? Like we told you in the previous post that there are Three forms of verb and how important their use is in English grammar, similarly Phrasal Verbs are also used a lot in English.

like here from an example of phrasal verb Let us understand “Act on” which means Affect, understand it as an example (The medicine only acts on infected tissue.) “Bear with” which meaning is be patient using with an example (Please bear with me a moment while I finish this email.)

Definition of phrasal verbs

A new word made from the combination of Verb and Adverb is called phrasal verbs, which is much different from the original Verb. Examples of these verbs are Act on, Act out, Add up, Allow for, ask for etc.

Daily Life Common Used Phrasal Verbs List With Meaning

A – Name List

Phrasal VerbMeaning
Act onAffect.
Ache forWant something or someone a lot.
Abide byAccept or follow a decision or rule.
Account forTo explain.
Act outPerform something with actions and gestures..
Act onTo take action because of something like information received.

B – Name List

Back upMake a copy of computer data.
Back out ofExit a parking area in reverse gear.
Back upDrive a vehicle backwards.
Back upSupport.
Bag outCriticise.
Bail outSave, rescue.

C – Name List

Cash outExchange something for money, collect winnings.
Cash outIllegally access a bank account or credit card and steal money.
Cash inConvert shares, bonds, casino chips, etc, into money.
Carve upDivide into smaller pieces.
Cash in onBenefit or make money on something, especially if done unfairly.
Cash upCount all the money taken in a shop or business at the end of the day.
Cast about forTry to find something.
Carve upOvertake someone and then pull directly in front of a car.

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