Post Independence India Nitin Sangwan Notes For UPSC

Are you one of those students who want to prepare for upsc exam or are doing it?

So today we are going to share with you 2015 batch IRS officer Nitin Sangwan Post Independence India notes pdf. Which you will get absolutely free through this website.

this is a very good opportunity for you because nowadays you get all that material for free on the internet which is given by proper institutions to their paid subscribers.


There are many important books for this subject that you can read India After Independence Bipin Chandra India After Gandhi Ramachandra Guha. but these are quite bulky.

But if you are one of those candidates who want to prepare now, then you must read it thoroughly once. but if you are preparing for upsc from 1-2 year than you should go with this book.

You can google some of the topics and add to your notes. While reading these books, keep in mind that you need not memories those points which are totally of political nature and remember only that much which is necessary to formulate a narrative of all
the events.

Don’t miss the nationally and socially important events – understand their background, causes if any and their consequences on national democratic and socio-economic framework.

Always keep things manageable. It is not so important that how much you read, but how well you read. Keep in mind that whatever you read, you have to revise that also at times of mains exam. So, limit your study material.

Post Independence India in UPSC

it is a very important topic in UPSC Civil Services Mains GS Paper 1. Post independence history of India is the one of the most important topic in UPSC mains GS paper 3. Upsc has not specified any separate title to read this topic.

It has been 75 years since 1947 when the country gained its independence from the colonial rule, since independence there have been many such incidents which have shaped the way India progresses.

Some of the important topics and many subsections have been made to make your UPSC IAS exam preparation efficient.

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