Rangoli Kolam Designs 2023: Simple Modern and Easy Kolam for Every Occasion

Rangoli Kolam 2023 (Tamil: கோலம், Malayalam: കോലം, Kannada: ಕೋಲಂ, romanized: Kōlaṁ), also known as Muggu (Telugu: ముగ్గు) or Tharai Aalangaram (Tamil: தரை அலங்காரம்) Rangoli (Kannada: ರಂಗೋಲಿ), which is a type of Rangoli, is mostly made in the state of Tamil Nadu in North India, and it also originated from here.

Kolam means “beauty”. Which is a picture made on the floor with colored flour, it is also known by the name of Rangoli in many states of India, it is used as a decoration on major days. It is also known as pandal, nakshi, pattachitra, utsav, sevai, raghurajpur, vilakku, teeyan, jatra etc.

It is mostly designed in the square of houses in major festivals, Tamil weddings and auspicious events. We have selected below some of the best Rangoli Kolam Designs for 2023 which you can make on the square of your home and it will add to the beauty of your home.

These are mostly made in geometrical line drawings like curves, circles, dots, straight lines etc. They are changed into different shapes by loops. Kolangal is designed mostly by women in homes.

Belief / Faith

Women in South Indian homes wake up early in the morning to make these designs on the doorstep of homes. Because they believe that it contains all the inner and outer elements of the world and for goodwill the entrance of their house is decorated. Kolam are usually prepared using flour, powder, turmeric powder, red vermilion and synthetic colours.

virgin girls are taught to decorate kolam from their childhood. And in traditional homes, no single girl can be expected who does not know how to decorate a column. The special kolam depicts the sun riding a chariot drawn by white horses from eight to sixteen. These types of images are mostly used in rangoli on special days such as Pongal or on the occasion of Sankranti.

If a person wants to learn new designs, then kolam design books are also available in the market with the help of which one can learn different types of designs.

Each picture made in the kolam pattern has some meaning, these images are mixed with religious and philosophical motifs which are mixed together to present a beautiful rangoli. The figure includes a variety of pictures such as flowers, peacocks, fish, birds, and other animals revealing the unity between humans and animals. Every figure made in it must have some meaning, such as the circle represents nature, the upward pointing triangle represents man, the downward pointing triangle represents woman, One Pancha Gram represents Venus and the five elements, one square represents culture, the pen represents pride. Sun Moon and other zodiac signs are used in these patterns.

It is very difficult to make these intricate patterns by women as she was able to make these intricate rangoli patterns without lifting her hands from the floor and standing in the middle which is a matter of pride. When they display their skills by covering the entire width of the road with the display of their hands.

The main purpose behind making these Rangoli kolam Designs pattern so that the ants do not have to travel long distances for their food. Because rice powder invites even small birds and insects to eat. This Rangoli design gives the message of inviting all the living beings in the house. Folklore holds that rows should be completed to symbolically prevent evil spirits from entering the figures, thereby preventing them from entering the house.

Best Kolam Rangoli Images

ரங்கோலி கோலம்

ரங்கோலி கோலம்
source: insta/@kolam_gram

This is a very cool design as well as an intricate design. Which can be made on special festival. But when you put diyas all around it, then the design would get four moons.

பொங்கல் கோலம் Traditional Pongal Kolam

பொங்கல் கோலம்
source: insta/@durga_thakre_official
ரங்கோலி கோலம் rangoli kolam
Pongal Rangoli

Have some beautiful new Rangoli Kola in your house on New Years. This is a collection of multicolored koalas specially created for the Pongal festival. You can decorate your home in a beautiful way by looking at these pictures.

easy rangoli kolam
source: insta/@kolam_gram

In this, very beautiful Rangoli have been prepared by showcasing the best colors. To present a beautiful Muggu by mixing different patterns. This is a very unique saaz which is made for major festivals. In this some simple easy rangoli kolam images are represented.

Pulli Rangoli Kolam

Rangoli kolam from South India
Puli Kolam Rangoli from South India

Puli Kolam is a type of Rangoli from South India. It involves drawing a line around a collection of dots on a plane. It follows three essential rules that all line orbits must be closed encircling all points and no two lines overlap at a finite length. When it is ready, it looks very beautiful.

kolam with dots

Rangoli is made by mixing different dots, for this 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 or more dots are used and Rangoli is prepared. There is a simple type of design. Which looks very beautiful.

Simple Kolangal Rangoli for beginners

easy n simple muggulu rangoli
source: youtube/easy-rangoli

There are many benefits of making this type of kolam in front of the house, it is considered auspicious. It is believed that when you decorate your house with these beautiful Rangolis, Goddess Lakshmi enters your house and positive energy enters your house. These rangolis are part of Indian culture, it is transferred from one generation to another. It is also known as Muggulu in the southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Mattu pongal kolam

Mattu pongal kolam
source: simple rangoli

Flower rangoli kolam

Flower rangoli kolam
source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VyzPMBIPO8
simple flowers rangoli kolam
source: simple rangoli

Simple Sikku Kolam with 7×4 dots 

Simple Sikku Kolam with 7x4 dots 
source: make rangoli

The mathematical properties of kolam are also used in computer science and algorithms have been developed to obtain a variety of patterns. By which new beautiful and complex types of designs can be easily obtained.

On special occasions red brick powder and limestone are used to prepare Rangoli designs. But usually women at home use dry rice flour for making kolam. In modern times, square powder and vinyl stickers are also used. For longevity, diluted rice paste or paint is also used.

Many types of sentences can be written in Rangoli kolam like Happy New Year Text, Happy Diwali Text etc messages can be used in Muggu. Nowadays many people keep posting Rangoli designs on social media networking sites too and it has a huge fan following online and they are playing a role in making kolam art an important part of the contemporary art scene of South India.

Why rangoli is made in front of the house?

There are many reasons behind making Rangoli, it represents happiness, positivity and livelihood in the house, its main purpose is to welcome Maa Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Because it is believed that a Hindu house without a clean entrance and rangoli is the abode of the poor.

What does kolam mean?

Kolam, which means “beauty”

What is kolam rice?

Kolam rice is a famous art of South India. It is very fragrant as well as mild and is considered to be of the best quality. It is prepared from sweet pongal and fried rice, and biryani and daily cooking dishes.

What do we call kolam in English?


Can we put rangoli at night?

Answer is: no

What powder is used for rangoli?

Kolam are usually prepared using flour, powder, turmeric powder, red vermilion and synthetic colours.

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