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Satvic Food means, having a pure food that heals the human body by eating simple food.

Sattvic food is pure, essential, natural, vital energy-containing, true, honest, wise, clean, conscious, which has the quality of sattva, which is considered as one of the qualities of Yogic, hence it is also called Yogic diet.

Such food is included in this category, which makes the person’s body pure and fills the mind with happiness. By taking this Sattvik, the person’s body becomes healthy and normal, which helps in intellectual development, by its use the mind becomes clear and calm.

It is believed in the scriptures that as you eat, you get the kind of result, in the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna had also explained the adoption of sattvik, rajasic and tamasic food. Such a diet, which has a bad effect on humans, has been kept away from this category.

  • this book contain 21 Satvic Food Laws
  • as well as guide of you kitchen
  • Meal Plan
  • Guide to growing sprouts & making nut milks at home

Benefits –

  • By eating this type of food, the mental health of a person remains fine.
  • It strengthens the digestive system.
  • The immunity power in your body increases.
  • Taking such nutrition helps you in weight loss.
  • Consuming this type of food gives a feeling of peace and happiness.
  • It also enhances the beauty of your face.

The following types of diet are included in the satvic diet.

  • whole grains
  • fruits and vegetables
  • Butter
  • nuts
  • honey
  • Lentils and vegetables without onion-garlic etc.
  • fruit juice
  • Milk
  • Ghee
  • detox salads
  • healing soups
  • classic Indian cuisine such as Satvic chapati, Satvik khichdi and Satvik sabzi.

(All recipes are free from refined oil, sugar, pungent spices, milk & milk products and processed foods)

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