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She Stood By Me Summary

Hello friends, if you are very fond of reading books, then today I am going to share with you she stood by me book which is written by Tarun Vikas.

This book is the story of two people Aparna and Abhi. They formed an unbreakable bond with each other and later decided to get married.

It is further depicted in the story that they have to face many difficulties later due to class distinction. The character of the story Aparna belongs to an upper middle class family while Abhi belongs to a lower middle class family.

Aparna’s father wants her to get a well-earning son-in-law but Abhi’s salary is not high. Is money everything in love?

Abhi’s parents also started looking for a bride for him and they also found a family like this. This family knew Abhi’s father very well. And he had already promised Abhi’s marriage to him without informing Abhi.

When his father came to know about Abhi’s feelings he did nothing and didn’t even break his promise. Because Aparna’s father also used to think that if he married his daughter to a boy who does not earn well. Then “What would people say?

Will Abhi and Aparna be able to convince their parents that love can be found without their help? Will they be able to prove that parents are not always right? The whole story is based on this.

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