Social Issues Project Class 10: Major Social Problems in India

Today I am going to share with you through this post Social Issues Project Class 10 pdf and ppt format which is going to be very helpful for the board students. Social issue is a very important subject of Social Science subject, you can save this project file in your computer from below.

As you all know, according to the guidelines of the CBSE Board, the board examinees of class X are given a handwritten project for home. Which you have to complete in the holidays, if you have got a project related to social issues, then you have to submit this assignment later at the time of oral examination.

What is Social Issues?

Social issue is such a problem that everyone wants to get rid of because this problem affects the people living within the society. This is a set of common problems in the current society that many people try to solve.

Social issues are often the result of factors before a person’s control. There can be an agreement on which social issues are worth resolving. and which should be given priority. But many people have different perceptions.

People adopt various methods to deal with social issues. Like in a democracy, people vote for leaders to promote their ideals. And apart from this people share their time, identity, energy and other resources.

Major Social Problem in India

After the long rule of the British government, India emerged as an independent country on 15 August 1947. This country is a socialist, sovereign, secular, socialist and democratic republic with a parliamentary system of government. There has been tremendous development in the country after independence, yet there are some problems in the country which affect the social life.

Poverty, Population, Pollution, Illiteracy, Corruption, Inequality, Gender discrimination, Terrorism, Communalism, Lack of Infrastructure, Unemployment, Regionalism, Casteism, Alcoholism, Drugs Abuse, Violence against Women are the major ones.


India is the second most populous country after China, the population of India is about 1.2 billion. and is the seventh largest country in the world in terms of area (3,287,000 sq km). This makes it one of the largest economies in the world, with a gross domestic product (GDP) of US$ 1,644 billion. But even after having such a big economy, only a few people have benefited from it, because many people are still living in poverty in India.

Talking about India, more than 800 million people are poor in India, most of them live in rural areas. And keep doing different tasks to run the house. People living in rural areas migrate to the metropolis due to lack of employment. In which most of the people live the life of slums to live. And because of not getting enough food, water, electricity in these areas, and due to poor sanitation, they get many diseases, especially children fall ill and die.

Poverty rates india

Famine / Starvation

India is considered to be an agricultural country, and India’s agriculture is largely dependent on climate. In summer there is plenty of rain to irrigate the crops. But between the 11th and the 17th century, due to the lack of rain in India, there were many famines due to drought.

Notable Famines in India –

  • Bengal Famine of 1943
  • Chalisa Famine of 1783
  • Great Bengal Famine of 1770
  • Skull Famine of 1791
  • Orissa Famine of 1866
  • Deccan Famine of 1630
  • Bihar Famine of 1873
  • Agra Famine of 1837

Despite a large economy and good economic performance, more than 200 million people in India are food insecure. India is home to the largest number of hungry people in the world. It covers the position of 100 out of 119 ranked countries in the Global Hunger Index 2017 ranking and has a “severe” (31.4) food security status.

Child marriage

Child marriage is a very complex issue in India which is driven by gender equality, social norms, poverty and insecurity. Due to which very bad results are seen all over the world. Because child marriage shows discrimination and lack of opportunities against women and girl child.

At present, the age of marriage for girls in India has been fixed at 18 years and for boys at 21 years. If any person marries below this prescribed age, it will be termed as child marriage. According to the UNICEF report of 2015 and 16, the rate of child marriage in India is 27%.

The state of Jharkhand is the state with the highest child marriage rate (14.1%) in India, while Kerala is the only state that has seen an increase in the rate of child marriage in recent years. In 2009, Jammu and Kashmir is the only state with the lowest number of child marriages at 0.4%. In 2009, child marriage in rural areas was 3 times higher than the rate in urban areas.

Child labour

Child labor is a child below the age of 14 whose labor is used for earning or for hazardous occupational employment.

The problem of child labor in India is becoming a big challenge before the government. In this regard, many schemes are also being run by the government to end child labor and some difficult steps have also been taken. Considering the extent and seriousness of this problem, the society needs to take concrete steps, the problem of child labor is a big problem not only in India but all over the world.

  • poverty is a very big reason for child labor, due to poverty, children have to be forced to work.
  • Children are exploited by many parents and in which the father does not work himself and gets the children to work like begging, stealing etc.
  • There is also a big reason if the parents of the children are not able to get employment, due to which the children have to work as laborers to run the family expenses.
  • If the family is very large, then child labor is used to make a living, but some occupations are also traditional.
  • Due to the laxity of the government, child labor has not stopped till date.


At present, unemployment is a huge problem not only in India but also of the whole world. Unemployment in India increases every year because there are thousands of millions of people who do not have any employment. One of the major reasons for this is the increasing population, because as the population is increasing, the resources are decreasing due to which the number of unemployed people is also increasing due to the demand for jobs due to the increasing population.

Causes of Unemployment

Population Growth: The biggest reason for unemployment is population growth, according to the 2011 census, 11% of the people in the country were unemployed. It can be concluded from this fact that as the population is increasing, the employment opportunities with the people are also decreasing.

Mechanization: At times, the reason for unemployment is also mechanization because most of the work is currently done by machines because they make the work very easily and at low costs. So, many people have become unemployed due to machineization.

Faulty Education System: The standard of education in any country is high so it has its influence on the socio-economic and political of the country. But if the education system is bad, then many kinds of problems arise in the country, including the problem of unemployment.

The standard of education in rural Areas of India is also not so good. At the same time, only ordinary and literary education is given in the education system and there is a lack of experimental content. Due to which the youth here are deprived of good education, they are not able to get good employment, which is why the problems of unemployment are being created in India.


The problem of pollution is a very serious problem in India. Every effort is being made by the government to deal with it. According to the 2019 survey, 21 of the world’s 30 most polluted cities were in India. 51% of the pollution is caused by industrial pollution, 27 % by vehicles, 17% by crop burning and 5% by other sources.

Causes of Pollution

  • Fuel adulteration
  • Traffic congestion
  • Industrial Emission
  • Microbial Decaying Process
  • Wildfires
  • Transportation
  • Agricultural Activities
  • Construction and Demolition
  • Use of chemical and synthetic products
  • Volcanic eruptions


Corruption in India is a very big problem that affects the economy of India in many ways. Today it is found everywhere. It is also believed that India’s economy is stalling because of corrupt people. Corruption has become a common thing in a country like India. A study conducted by Transparency International in 2005 revealed that more than 62% of Indians were at one point or the other bribed government officials to get jobs.

Business class people take more recourse to corruption to take their advantage. Because big officials and bureaucrats adopt corrupt methods to live a happy life and earn money. To win elections, politicians bribe poor people.


There are various explanations of the high level of corruption in India such as the amount of employment available in the market is less than the number of youth working. And while young people who are unemployed or working in positions that are too low for their qualifications, many others work far below their qualifications.


According to the 2011 census, the literacy rate of India is 74.04%. If a person whose age is 7 years or more and is able to read and write, is considered a literate person. The least literate state in India is Bihar with a literacy rate of 63.82%. And Kerala is the state with the highest literacy rate of 93.91%.

The Right to Education Act was passed in 2009. According to which it was ensured that children in the age group of 6 to 14 would be given free education and necessary materials. Many initiatives have been started by the government to increase the level of education in India and many possible efforts are also being made.

The biggest reason for illiteracy in India is that people do not get the right education or people who have never gone to school. And have been deprived of their right to education. Although free primary education is given in government schools, but many students are not able to take advantage of education. The rule of free education has been implemented in rural areas so that poor families can educate their children.

Social Issues Project

  • Every year the students of class X are given to prepare a project in social science that can be on any topic.
  • This project is mandatory for every student studying in class X, you have to prepare and prepare a handwritten project on the given topic and submit it to the school.
  • If your topic is social issue then this is a very important topic whose purpose is to make students know about social problems in India and how to overcome these problems.


  1. To make this assignment file you must have A4 size file
  2. To write your project, you have to use a blue or black ball pen only.
  3. On your front / cover page, write your name, class, subject, roll number, and the given topic which should reflect your topic.


I am using this opportunity to express my gratitude to my teacher___________ as well as our Principal______________ who gave me this golden opportunity to do such a good project on the topic, “Social Issues”. I am thankful to everyone who supported me for the completion of this project and gave me their aspiring guidance, friendly advice and invaluable feedback during the project. I am sincerely grateful to all of my friends, co-partners, family and guide who shared their truthful and illuminating views on a number of issues related to the project by devoting their precious time.

Thank you …..

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Gender Inequality PDF

Social Problems in India Free PPT

Major Complication in India PPT

Social Challenges

What is Social Issues Project Class 10?

Social issue is a very big problem that affects many people living in the society, the social issues project for class 10th is to make the students studying in class 10th to get acquainted with the social issues so that they can know about the social issues happening around them and help them try to solve.

What are major social issues facing our mankind?

Poverty and Homelessness, Overpopulation, Gender Inequality, Illiteracy, Pollution, Unemployment, Child labour etc.

What are effects of social issues?

Social evils are becoming a scourge for the country’s economy. Due to which problems like poverty and unemployment are increasing in the country. People are not getting the source of income. The farmers are committing suicide. Social evils grow like a diseased tree in the society, which no one dares to cut.

What are the major social problems in India?

Caste system, Poverty, Child labour, Child marriage, Illiteracy, Low status of women, Gender inequality at work, Dowry system, Sati practice, Alcoholism, Superstition, Sanitation and cleanliness, Religious conflicts, Beggary, Juvenile delinquency

How can we tackle social problems?

Different social issues have different solutions like poverty can be prevented by increasing employment opportunities. There is a need to reform the education system in India. One of the main reasons for the crimes is illiteracy. Due to illiteracy the criminals are increasing slowly and the health and development of the country is gradually declining. The main reason for child marriage is also illiteracy. Education helps in spreading awareness about the disadvantages of the caste system of the people. The caste system can be discouraged through social education in rural areas. There should be special classes on it in schools where moral education should be imparted to the children.

Hope you guys have got complete information about Social Issues Project Class 10. In fact education is an important aspect of all these problems. If everyone in the country becomes educated, then more than half of the social issues will be eradicated. Due to which the economy will also improve, so the first duty of the government should be to give good education to all the people so that they can know their rights.

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