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Importance of Subject Verb Rules

Through this post you will get to know that what is the importance of Subject Verb Agreement Rules in English Grammar, how it helps in building your English sentence.

If you want to use verbs with Subject then you have to know some rules. If you do not know how to use verbs with subject, then you will not be able to make any sentence, so here we have shared some rules pdf where you will get to know how can we use any verbs with subject.

Use of Subject-Verb Agreement

According to the Subject Verb Agreement, in any sentence, the verb is used according to the number and person of the subject.

Note – If the subject is singular, then the verb, singular is used.
If subject is plural then verb, plural is used.
Noun + s/es/ies= plural noun
Verb + s/es/ies= singular noun

Let’s Take Some Examples to Understand –

For example, take the verb “Play.” When we are in the present tense, the verb “Play” changes form to show that its subject is singular when its subject is anything but “I” or “you.”

PersonSingular Subjects Plural Subjects
First PersonI playWe play
Second Person You playYou play
Third PersonHe, She, They playsThey play

Indefinite pronouns that always take a singular verb form :

  • anyone
  • everything
  • everyone
  • no one
  • someone
  • nothing
  • something
  • everybody
  • nobody
  • anybody
  • either
  • neither
  • one
  • somebody
  • anything
  • each

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