List of PCS Officers In UP Government PDF

Download PDF List of PCS Officers In UP Government (UPPSC Civil Servant in Uttar Pradesh)

Also Know AsUttar Pradesh Administrative Service
StateUttar Pradesh
Chief SecretaryRajendra Kumar Tiwari
CMYogi Adityanath

Hello friends, today we are going to share with you the list of officers working in UPPCS. Provincial Civil Services also known as Uttar Pradesh Administrative Service PCS exam is considered as Group A exam. The job of a PCS officer is to maintain law and order.

If we talk about what is the selection process of this exam, then there are mainly three stage for this, first is prelims and second one is mains examination and if you pass in both these exams, then you will be selected for interview, which is the final stage of PCS exam. When you pass in the interview then you are selected for various departments.

we have listed all PCS who are currently working in under the up government you can see the list below or you can download also the list from the official website of Uttar Pradesh government.

Salary of UP PCS Officers, Year of Service, Pay Level

PCS officers hold various posts at sub-divisional, district, divisional and state level from conducting revenue administration and maintenance of law and order

below is the salary structure grade level and years of services of PCS officers.

level on paySalary (per month)Years of Service
pay level 15₹182200–22410027th year
pay level 14₹144200–21820020th year
pay level 13A₹131100–21660016th year
pay level 13₹118500–21410012th year
pay level 12₹78800–1915009th year
pay level 11₹67700–1600005th year
pay level 10₹56100–132000Initial year

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