[UPDATED] V Guard Solar Water Heater Price List

Are you also looking for the price list of V Guard Solar Water Heater, then friends, today we are going to give you complete information about this product as well as you will also be given a price catalogue pdf.

V-Guard was first established in 1977. At that time Mr. Kochusaf Chittilapilli strengthened his brand a lot in the Indian electronic market.

What is a Solar Water Heater?

Solar water heater is used to heat water. In which water is heated by natural sunlight. This system works on the modern thermosiphon principle. Power consumption can be reduced by its use.

It is considered to be a very effective way of heating water, which saves from costly electricity and is also environment friendly.

Working Principle

Light incident on the vacuum tube, passes through the outer transparent glass tube and strikes the outer surface of the inner glass tube with selective coating (AI/AIN). This glass tube, which acts like a black body, absorbs the radiation and gets heated up in the process. The presence of vacuum between the two tubes prevents heat loss to the surroundings. The heated inner tube transfers this heat to the water with which it is directly in contact. hot water is lower in density and therefore has the tendency to rise up. cool water from the tank flows down to replace the hot water, facilitating circulation by thermosyphon. And through this process, the entire water in the storage tank heats up and gets ready to use. The storage tank is insulated with PUF which minimises the heat loss at night.

V Guard Model With Price List

200 LPD ETC V-Guard Winhot Eco Aux Solar ₹ 28500
200 LPD ETC V-Guard Winhot ZA Water Heater₹ 27085
300 LPD ETC V-Guard Winhot Eco Aux₹ 38000
100 LPD ETC V-Guard Winhot ZA₹ 20600
200 LPD ETC V-Guard Winhot Eco Aux Solar₹ 26334
200 LPD ETC V-Guard Winhot ZA₹ 27085
300 LPD ETC V-Guard Winhot Eco Aux₹ 38000
100 LPD ETC V-Guard Winhot ZA₹ 20600
100 LPD ETC V-Guard Winhot Eco Aux₹ 19900
200 LPD FPC Pressurized V-Guard₹ 65900
150 LPD ETC V-Guard Winhot Eco Aux₹ 24500
150 LPD ETC V-Guard Winhot ZA₹ 24600
200 LPD FPC Pressurized V-Guard Solar Water Heater₹ 73,900
500 LPD ETC V-Guard Winhot Plus H₹ 72,899

Type of All V-Guard Heater

V Guard Solar Water HeaterWin-hot Za Series
Win-hot Plus Series
V Hot Pressurized Series
Win-hot Plus H Series
V Hot Non-pressurized Series
Ssal Commercial Series
Win-hot Eco Series
V Hot Commercial Series
Win-hot Eco Aux Series

Capacity With Criteria

6-10L2 person per bathroom
15L1 – 2 person per bathroom in cold climatic location
15L or more3 – 4 person per bathroom
25L3 – 4 person per bathroom in cold climatic location
35L or moreMore than 4 person, bath tubs
Instant water heaterKitchen, mild hot water requirement

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What are The different type of water Heating System?

Based on collector type: ETC/FPC
Based on system construction material: SS/GI
Based on pipe and system pressure: Pressurised/Non pressurised

What is LPD in solar water heater?

The capacity of any system can be defined in letter per day or LPD. This means that a 200 LPD system will be capable of delivering 100 liters of water in 1 day at an average of 60 °C.

is v guard water heater good?

V Guard is a very trusted brand in the market which is known for wide range of Electric Appliances. It also sells a wide variety of Electronic Items in the market which includes Water Heaters. If you also want to buy v Guard water heater, then you must first read its review, when you are satisfied, then you buy it only.

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