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An economy is a social system of production and distribution, consumption. Which is a dynamic picture of economics in a particular country or region. This formed picture is of a particular period. If we understand it with an example – “Contemporary Indian Economy” which means the description of all the economic activities of India at the present time.

Economics is the science in which we study the work of human beings. In which human do in relation to getting the resources that fulfill their needs i.e. money. Economics is the science in which the economic activities of man are studied.

Economy Optional in UPSC

Economics is one of the very popular optional subjects offered in UPSC Civil Services Main Examination as the success rate of this subject is very good among the candidates.

If you want to understand the basic concept of this topic and cover the broad syllabus then you are advised to read Indian Economy by Toppers Ramesh Singh and Sanjeev Verma.

Economics Optional covers almost 60% of GS Paper 3 in UPSC Syllabus. In the prelims exam, questions of about 30 marks are asked every year. Due to which this topic becomes very important for the candidates.


  • E-Technology in the Aid of Farmers
  • Issues Related to Mobilisation of Resources
  • Storage, Transport and Marketing of Agricultural Produce and Issues and Related Constraints
  • Infrastructure
  • Investment Model
  • Agriculture Subsidies and MSP
  • PDS, Buffer Stock and Food Security
  • Economics of Animal Rearing
  • Technology Mission
  • Major Crops and Cropping Pattern
  • Irrigation System
  • Food Processing Industries
  • National Income Accounting
  • Money and Banking
  • Central Bank and Monetary Policy
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Government Budgeting
  • Inflation
  • External Sector and Currency Exchange
  • Economic Reforms
  • Industrial Policy
  • Land Reforms

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Resources –

GS3 – EconomyNCERTs IX-XII Imp.
Sanjeev Verma
Ramesh Singh Book
Current Affairs – Editorials, Vision IAS, PIB and PRS Imp.
Budget and Economic surveys (Summaries) Imp.
Online Websites like Investopedia and Arthapedia

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