Vision IAS Modern History Notes For UPSC 2022

Today, through this post, I have brought the Vision IAS Modern History PDF for all those students who are engaged in the preparation of UPSC exam, which are very important for the upcoming exam.

If you are a beginner then you might not know that much about UPSC Exam but you can start this exam with the help of NCERT books.

If you are preparing for UPSC Prelims or Mains Exam then Notes provided by Vision IAS Institute can be helpful for you because here all the material is provided to you absolutely free of cost.

Modern history is the history of the world beginning after the Middle Ages. Refers to the history of the world since the advent of the Age of Logic and the Age of Enlightenment and the start of the Industrial Revolution in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Modern Indian History in UPSC

If we talk about Modern India History in CSE then it is a very important part of the syllabus of both UPSC Prelims and Mains Exam. In mains exam it is part of the General Studies Paper I. History of India is a very vast subject which covers many aspects.

it encompasses many facets like Rise and Growth of Indian Nationalism, Moderate Phase and Early Congress, Foreign policy and Important domestic events, Charter Act of 1853, Advent of Europeans, Anglo-French struggle for supremacy, Second World War and Nationalist Response, Administrative and Policy Failures, Wavell’s Plan, INA Trials, Communal Holocaust and Interim Government, Why Congress accepted partition? etc.


  • India in 18th Century
  • Indian Renaissance and Reform Movements
  • Early Uprising Against the British and Revolt of 1857
  • Rise of Indian National Movement
  • The Beginning of Gandhian Era
  • The National Movement in 1940s
  • Post War National Upsurge
  • Contribution of Various Sections

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GS1 – Modern History• NCERT Class XI
• Bipin Chandra Book
• Vision IAS notes
• Rajiv Ahir Book

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